People’s Embassies of Belarus

The presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9, 2020 were neither fair nor fair, most democratic countries of the world announced the non-recognition of Lukashenko as the legitimate president of the Republic of Belarus. The Foreign Ministry and the embassies of the Republic of Belarus pursue a policy in the interests of the criminal regime and cannot represent the interests of Belarusians abroad.

Many functions of the embassy — informing the public about the situation in Belarus, helping fellow citizens forced to leave the country, defending the interests of Belarus in international organizations and political bodies of the country, organizing visits, maintaining ties with the free people of Belarus — were actually taken over by the diasporas. To continue and expand this work, Belarusians abroad are implementing the People’s Embassies project.


Creation of a People’s Embassy on the basis of diasporas and initiatives of Belarusians abroad to protect the rights of Belarusians abroad, uphold the interests of democratic Belarus and perform a number of functions of official embassies.

The main tasks and functions of the People’s Embassy:

1. Representation of democratic Belarus abroad, ensuring its interests.

2. Informing state bodies and the public of the country about the situation in Belarus

3. Establishing and maintaining contacts with government bodies, public associations, trade unions, business, scientific and cultural circles, receiving and transmitting information to bodies and organizations.

4. Assistance to fellow citizens forced to leave Belarus (adaptation in the country, information on aid funds, urgent material support).

The organizational structure and activities may differ in each country, depending on the resources of the diaspora: from an online information point to a full-fledged representative office with premises and a wide range of tasks.

The project of creating People’s Embassies on the basis of diasporas was approved by the national leader of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the Coordination Council and the People’s Anti-Crisis Management.


  • Declaration of the People’s Embassies
  • Regulations on the People’s Embassies of Belarus.