The main parts of the letter:

  • Lifting sanctions on Lukashenka and Putin will bring them financial respite and a false sense of victory. Such a deal would reinforce the regimes’ conviction that violence pays off and will strengthen its position, leading to more repression in Belarus and more aggression in Ukraine. 
  • The Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports must be lifted immediately to ensure the safe and uninterrupted access of Ukrainian grain to world markets. All interested countries, under the leadership of the UN, with the support of the US, the EU, the UK and all responsible countries, shall decisively force Russia to this option.
  • The position of the UN must be clearly formulated: pressure should be exerted on Russia, not on Ukraine and the Belarusian people at the cost of their security and future as independent and sovereign countries.
  • Lukashenka has lost the ability to make sovereign decisions, he is not considered the minimum reliable party for concluding agreements. He has lost his subjectivity, he does not speak and does not act on behalf of the Belarusian people. Lukashenka has chosen a strategy of creating security crises and he must be stopped before causing more damage to the Belarusian people and international security.
  • Instead of lifting sanctions on Lukashenka, they need to be strengthened, their scope expanded, and their enforcement improved.

Source: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya