The number of political prisoners in Belarus exceeded 1,000 people. According to “Viasna” human rights center, today there are 1022 of them in the country. The number of people held in prisons for political reasons is even higher because many refuse such status.

After the announcement of the election campaign in 2020, the number of political prisoners in Belarus began to grow. It all started with the arrests of activists, bloggers, potential presidential candidates. After the elections, protesters, businessmen, activists of headquarters, workers and others appeared among the detainees. They are all in detention facilities, because they were not afraid to exercise their rights – the right to participate in peaceful meetings, to express their opinions and to participate in a political life of the country.

“Viasna” human rights center notes that most of these people came under politically motivated criminal prosecution due to the events, which took place during and after the campaign for the presidential elections in Belarus in 2020.