Each person is a fragment in the vast pattern of our history. And when we work together, we are able to achieve our dreams.

Therefore, it is important for all of us to work together:

  1. February 27 is our day to legally express disagreement and put two crosses ❌❌ on the plans of the regime.
  2. At 14:00 we meet at the polling stations in masks and say to each other “Hello!”.
  3. Let’s express our disagreement without violating the law — put crosses in front of both options and drop invalid ballots into the ballot box.
  4. We will confirm our choice in Voice (Viber or Telegram), if possible, we will send a photo of the ballot from both sides.
  5. At 20:00, if it is safe, we will take a photo of the protocol at the polling station and send it to Voice.

Source: NAM