The conference European Human Rights Dialogue: How to Help Civil Society in Russia and Belarus took place on 10-12 December in Berlin. The conference was organised by human rights organisations from Poland, Germany, Belarus and Russia and became a platform for discussing the role of European countries and international institutions in protecting human rights, as well as for developing recommendations for the EU civil society.

Public figures, politicians, researchers, human rights activists discussed international security and human rights issues, suppression of civil society in Belarus and Russia, the practical dimension of international solidarity and the role of pro-democracy diasporas in dialogue with civil society.

Among other speakers at the conference were Valery Kovalevsky, head of the office of Svetlana Tikhanovska; Aleksandra Mamaeva, representative of the People’s Embassy of Belarus in Slovenia; Alina Kovshik, journalist of Belsat TV channel, as well as Belarusian human rights defenders.

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Foto: Alina Kovshik

Source: People’s Embassy of Belarus in Slovenia