The NAM office hosted a meeting between Pavel Latushka and Vladzimir Astapenka and Austrian Ambassador Andreas Stadler.

In the course of the meeting they discussed the pressure of Lukashenka’s regime on the Austrian business in Belarus and the support of the Belarusian cultural workers who were forced to leave the country.

Pavel Latushka outlined the NAM strategy, including three priorities: non-recognition, criminal liability and sanctions pressure. Andreas Stadler noted that Austria, as well as other EU countries, is clearly aware that no form of recognition of Lukashenka as president is possible. He also noted that Austria will not give in to blackmail of the dictator, and will continue to support democratic values and human rights.

As part of joint action to help repressed cultural workers, the Austrian side initiated a month of Belarusian culture in Warsaw in the first half of 2022, together with the People’s anti-crisis agency with the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture.

In addition, Pavel Latushka informed Andreas Stadler about the principal position of the NAM on the importance of avoiding the legitimization of Lukashenka and his government through the possible appointment of a new Austrian ambassador to Belarus.

Source: NAM