At the end of last year, the NAM announced the launch of a diplomatic education course at the Center for Eastern European Studies at the University of Warsaw. More than 300 applications came to the course, and the competition was more than 10 people per place.

On July 30, the graduation of the course of diplomats for New Belarus took place. We expect that these people will take worthy places in the Belarusian state administration.

The main goal of the course was to ensure the acquisition of practical knowledge and experience in the field of public administration for the formation of a personnel reserve of New Belarus from among promising Belarusians from all regions of the country. The lecturers at the course were Jan Hofmockl, Director of the Eastern Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Marek Pravda, Head of the European Commission Delegation in Poland, Marek Kuczynski, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm, and other experts.

-“We understand that after the fall of the regime in the country, there should be a replacement of discredited staff who have committed offenses and misconduct by young and talented managers. To this end, the Center for Eastern European Studies at the University of Warsaw, with the support of the NAM, has created an educational course for Belarusians who want to build a diplomatic career.

I am sure that thanks to the knowledge they received from the best teachers of the University of Warsaw, experts, diplomats from Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, the USA and other countries, they will be able to become high-level professionals in any position, wherever they work.

For me, diplomacy is, first of all, reaching a compromise, but in the interests of my country. I am sure that in your future work you will always act in the interests of our country, be guided by the main values ​​of New Belarus: the rule of law, the right to freedom and human rights — said the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka.

The National Anti-Crisis Management plans to continue the training of personnel for New Belarus. The NAM is open to cooperation with higher educational institutions of neighboring countries and other states.