The People’s Embassies of Belarus are proud to introduce a tool for the transliteration of Belarusian names into the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish and French:

Example of name transliteration from Belarusian to English.

The tool also works to transliterate Belarusian Cyrillic script into the traditional and official versions of the Belarusian Latin Alphabet.

The tool is designed primarily to assist journalists, diplomats and the academic community in transliterating Belarusian names, and aims to promote the use of transliteration of Belarusian names from the Belarusian language in journalistic, diplomatic, and scientific texts.

In addition to the automatic transliteration, on the website you can also consult the tables it is based on, as well as download a PDF with explanations, rules and examples of transliteration of Belarusian names.

Try it and share!