The People’s Embassies of Belarus share the concern of the European Union on the subject of the illegal immigration influx to the European Union organized by Lukashenka. We have always supported the EU in implementing the sanctions to the illegal and criminal Lukashenka regime which terrorizes not only the neighboring countries, but, above all the people of Belarus.

However, any possible visa restrictions proposed by Ylva Johansson affect ordinary Belarusians and fall on the victims, but not the executioners. Everyday Belarusians are the victims, and not the accomplices of the Lukashenka terror. This initiative contradicts the previous statements of European politicians completely. We hope that the friends of Belarus in the European Union will not this cruel proposal to be implemented causing more suffering to thousands of our compatriots who find themselves in extreme danger of imprisonment, torture, and loss of life.

We emphasize that we unconditionally support all and any visa sanctions against Belarusian government officials, law enforcement officers, judges, propagandists, and heads of state-owned enterprises. We call for a complete freeze of these people assets in Europe.

The People’s Embassies of Belarus are created to support Belarusian citizens worldwide, while the Lukashenka regime continues to lose its legitimacy. We do hope that our voices will be heard and taken into consideration and will help to prevent more suffering of Belarusian people.