A common platform for supporting financial changes in Belarus

Now funds and collection of initiatives that increase pressure on the regime, strengthen the guerrilla movement and help the victims are combined in the Digital Solidarity app.

The guarantors that the collected funds are used for their intended purpose are the Office of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the National Anti-Crisis Management, “Golos” and the BYSOL solidarity fund.

Regular donations solve three problems at once:

1) Foundations and initiatives can work effectively as long as needed. Until the victory over the regime and in New Belarus, if necessary.

2) Every repressed person feels that he is not alone. Through Digital Solidarity, fundraisers can be supported by small initiatives, families or individuals.

3) Together we are laying a solid foundation for building a sustainable economy of change. This is how Belarusians create a healthy and transparent environment for new initiatives.

Digital Solidarity for Android and iOS