Investigation of UK involvement in financing Lukashenka’s regime

On June 9, the NAM team sent a letter to the central supervisory authority for the UK financial services market. We called on the UK to investigate the banks that were the guarantors of the placement on the London Stock Exchange in 2020 of government bonds (Eurobonds) of Belarus in the amount of $ 1.25 billion. Citi, Raiffeisen, Société Générale and Renaissance Capital banks became the guarantors of the issue.

Having considered our appeal, the British MPs called on the government of Boris Johnson to investigate the participation of Great Britain in financing the Lukashenka regime, since the proceeds from the sale of Belarusian government bonds on the London Stock Exchange are used not only to patch holes in the budget, but also to maintain the Lukashenka regime, purchase equipment and weapons for security officials.

This is the second example in recent weeks when British parliamentarians support the proposals of the NAM and the Belarusian diaspora. Earlier, they came out with a position on the need to deprive Lukashenka’s regime of access to IMF funds.