People’s Embassies and the National Anti-Crisis Management supports the initiative of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the Belarusian Rada of Culture to hold the International Day of Belarusian Culture on July 7 and the International Week of Belarusian Culture from July 5 to 11.

July 7 is the birthday of Yanka Kupala, who, like all of us, believed in a free and independent Belarus. The name of Kupala and other Belarusians is inscribed in the history of world culture. And we are proud of our rich cultural heritage and traditions.

For many years, the regime tried to make sure that we did not know our roots and our culture, wanted to deprive Belarusians of the sense of national identity, to steal respect for historical and cultural values ​​from the Belarusian people. But the regime did not succeed.

The National Anti-Crisis Management not only joins the International Week of Belarusian Culture, but also calls on every free Belarusian to do so.

There are dozens of ways to show solidarity and join the initiative. You can visit places in your city associated with famous figures of Belarusian culture, together with like-minded people, re-read our classics again, organize a Belarusian concert or exhibition, start a cultural flash mob on social networks with the #by_culture tag, or go with friends to the Kupalye holiday, which is traditional for Belarusians.

Let the voices of Belarusians be heard all over the world! Join us!